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Stretch and folds can be done in a bowl or with the dough flipped out onto the counter top. They are sometimes referred to as stretch and pulls or folding but all basically refer to the same technique. Here's how to stretch and fold sourdough: Decide whether you will perform your stretch and folds in the bowl or on the counter.

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The stretch and fold is one of different techniques for working dough and is used in lieu of kneading. To do it you simply stretch the dough and fold it over itself. It's a gentler way of building structure and strength and is commonly used in high-hydration doughs. Why stretch and fold?

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Stretching and folding is done to strengthen the dough during bulk fermentation This little clip shows you how the technique of stretching and folding is executed. In the clip Ed uses the technique with a wholewheat sourdough 68% hydration dough. It is stretched and folded two times during bulk fermentation at 50 minute intervals.

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Stretch and fold can sound like a complicated and unnecessary step. But after a couple of attempts, you'll notice the power of stretch and folds, so much so that you'll be using them all the time!

How to Stretch and Fold » Busby's Bakery School

The traditional kneading method is to fold the mass of dough on itself, press it together with the palm of the hand, turn, and repeat. With very high hydration doughs this is impossible because the dough will hopelessly adhere to the hands. The technique is, therefore, modified to reduce hand contact with the dough as much as possible.

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4.42K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 1K 280K views 3 years ago #sourdoughbread #sourdough #stretchandfold Great visual to learn how to stretch and fold your dough! Bakers use the stretch and.

How to Stretch and Fold » Busby's Bakery School

Stretch and Folds During Bulk Fermentation The Perfect Loaf 27.9K subscribers Subscribe 109K views 3 years ago My second, and final, set of stretch and folds for this strong dough. The recipe.

How to stretch and fold sourdough The Perfect Loaf

Stretch and Folds Sourdough Baking For Busy Moms! I'm all about making sourdough baking simple, easy, and totally doable! Without all the "sourdough rules" that make everything seem overcomplicated - because it's not! Or at least doesn't need to be. Trending Posts Sourdough Linzer Cookies with Strawberry Jam Filling

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You will stretch your dough and fold it over itself a total of five times, rotating the bowl a one-quarter turn after each stretch and fold. (Remember that we reference the quarters of the bowl like a clock with the 12:00 mark at the top and the 6:00 mark at the bottom.) Start at the 12:00 mark and complete one stretch and fold. Rotate the bowl.

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Stretching and folding helps develop gluten, the protein network responsible for giving bread its structure and elasticity. By stretching and folding the dough, you align the gluten strands, creating a strong and cohesive dough that can trap the gas produced during fermentation. Improved Texture

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This short video shows how I perform a strong set of stretch and folds with sourdough during bulk fermentation. This strong approach is helpful when the doug.


With this video You master the whole stretching and folding aspect of both sourdough and yeast based doughs. How and when should you stretch and fold? This i.

How to stretch and fold sourdough The Perfect Loaf

Stretch and Fold… Or Knead? Most sourdough bakers appear to prefer using 'stretch and fold' techniques to work their dough. But traditionally, many bakers knead. So what is the difference? And why choose one technique or the other? Both are methods to develop the gluten which gives bread its texture and structure.

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To perform a letter fold, the baker tips the dough onto a floured counter and proceeds to press and stretch the dough into a rough rectangular shape. The dough is folded in thirds, like a letter; the baker rotates the dough 90 degrees, flattens the dough into another, smaller rectangle, and folds it in thirds again.

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Give the bowl a one-quarter turn and repeat: stretch the dough upward and fold it over toward the center. Stretch and fold again Continue until you have come full circle to complete 1 set, or 4 folds around the bowl. Baker's Tip: When you do the first fold, the dough will feel loose and elastic.